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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saving a Hummingbird

It was 7am and still pretty dark.  My Granddaughter saw something outside the kitchen window where we hang the hummingbird feeder.  She insisted on going out the front door on her way to the school bus, to walk past that window---and there, hanging, wings spread out as if in flight, was this hummingbird!!  It was stuck in a spider web.  I thought it had died, but when I went to touch it, it buzzed!  I took it down, tried to get some sticky webs off its wings--took a few very quick pictures, because we had a bus to catch....

Even being very still, I could feel within its little body, a sort of what felt like an electric current.  I knew it would be okay.  We put the cat in the house and before we could put the hummingbird in an open bag cushioned with rags, it flew off!

I photo shopped these pictures just a bit, because it was still early morning dark.  Funny too that just the night before we watched the movie, Epic, where these tiny little leaf men rode on hummingbirds.  You may remember that years ago we helped save another hummingbird, you can see a little video clip of that, here

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