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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Hummingbird

Happy Easter! Before putting my Granddaughter to bed last night, we noticed a hummingbird flying frantically back and forth outside our kitchen window. This was odd since it was in the dark of night. I thought of my sister Martha who has a connection with hummingbirds and I hoped she was OK--maybe she was in trouble and sent a hummingbird to alert me! (Yes, I believe things like this)After falling asleep reading bedtime stories, I got up around midnight to help the Easter bunny hide a basket. There, in another window was the hummingbird! He looked like he was trying to get my attention! He then flew back to the kitchen window where there's a tangle of jasmine growing up and around it. On closer inspection I could see there was something on his beak and he was trailing a long sticky web that kept getting caught in the jasmine. I put on a jacket and slippers, went outside, the moon was up and very bright. Coyotes were barking and howling somewhere off in the back bay. I reached up and easily caught the bird--it was so exhausted, it almost fell into my hands. I brought it over to the outside light and pulled off the spidery web around its beak and the one that was trailing from his leg. He opened his beak a few times in relief. I went back to the jasmine, opened my hands, but he didn't budge--now I was kind of stuck with this humming bird dead asleep in my hands! (They go into a sort of sleep called torpor?) With some difficulty, (having my hands full with such a light and delicate creature), I went inside and was able to put the bird in a gift box that was handy with a soft rag on the bottom. I woke up hearing some flutter. My cat was on the table batting the box around! Scat cat! My granddaughter and I brought the box outside to see if it would fly's a clip--not very clear.


Martha Miller said...


Talk about SUSPENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What an Easter story! A True Resurrection!!! Hum-ming-bird is Risen todaaay, Ha-a-a-a-a-leluia!!! Yay! You are MY HERO, Sue!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Cool! That hummingbird flew all over the yard, flitting from flower to flower--hungry!!

Marilyn Webberley said...

How precious! Thank you!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

That was great! I'm amazed you could catch him in your hand.

Ellie said...

Hi sue!

this is Ellie, that video its amazing, Humingbirds are mistic creatures...

before my moms passed the way, me and my sister got a tatto, that simbolize my mom, so, on her second month celebration of dead we made a sunday liturgy at the church, and this humingbird was flying inside of that church, I was so excited to see that bird, I though it was my mom, I look around to find my sister, and see if she was looking at that "colibri" and she was crying, looking at that humingbird, she was surprised, thinking it was like a message from my mom, telling us she was there with us...

its incredible those storys, but they actually happendend, it was great you took that video, its the hardest bird to caught, and you take it in your hands, that its for sure a message (i bealived in those things too).

take care, and that was so great the muningbird flew again...