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Friday, November 30, 2007

Buckle Bow

So I said to myself, "it's time to buckle down and paint the buckle bow." I swear I painted this because it's fun to say, it's better than belt bow. Belt bow baggins--don't bag on my belt bow--I guess that's kind of fun too--still, for all you know it's buckle bow.
Watercolor 6"x 6"
$120 matted / $160 matted & framed

For international or expedited shipping, please contact me prior to purchase.

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mart said...


Several years ago Kaitlyn had to patch up her rusty little used car. She used a bucket of Bondo to do the job. We made up a song at the time: is sung to the tune of the old Bonanza theme song:

Bucketa, bucketa, bucketa, bucketa, BonDO!

Your Buckle Bow musings brought this back to me!

I love your bow series. Have you looked much at the work of Jim Dine? He works and reworks themes - hearts, robes, tools...

My 2 favorite bows: the grass bow and the buckle bow.

Keep up the good work!