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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Garden Net

The birds are slapping their little knees and laughing!  I worked on another sort of lid to keep the golden headed sparrows from eating my young and tender lettuce and kale plants, (which you don't see here--just my onions that have been growing all winter).  I felt I had to work quickly since in one day those little birds were eating the leaves down to the center spine.  This project took awhile--figuring out how to do this so I could still walk beneath the net and not stoop over the whole time I'm in the little garden area--extending the bamboo poles--and dealing with the large piece of net on a windy day...

I was feeling pretty proud to be using materials I had on hand--topping the bamboo poles around the perimeter with pieces of an old PVC pipe...

to run some old telephone wire through--things were going along pretty smoothly--my plan was working!

There--I tied down the net around the edges--I can walk upright into the garden, BUT when I looked at the garden this morning, there were about four or five sparrows flitting around inside, pecking away!!  They can fit right on through the metal fence along the bottom!!  Ha!!  Those little golden headed sparrows were watching me walk back and forth with poles and tools--watching as the net kept blowing over itself while I was sewing the hoop in place--watching me move slower and slower as I ran out of steam--watching me right up till dusk when I put on the final touch of sparkly tinsel and pinwheels.  Those little buggers!

I'm not having much luck with lids lately.  This calls for more net, I can't quit now--all that work for naught!?  I'll wrap it right around the whole thing--a lot of work for one or two plants of lettuce and kale!

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