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Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Pots

I'm having fun making more of these little pots from eucalyptus seed pods.  The colors are rubbed in using sour grass flowers for yellow, grass and miner's lettuce for green, nasturtium flowers for orange and for the purple lid I used a combination of ceanothus and a few plum leaves.  A vice holds the pods steady while I cut the tops off--this gives the pots a wider opening, then I scrape, file and sand them smooth--this takes awhile.  What also takes awhile is setting in the toothpick tightly and finding beads that also fit tightly onto the pick for the closing.  My closing design is not that great, since I'm the only one here who can close them--(they work well for me, so maybe they'll all be mine!)
My granddaughter and I collected little rocks, washed glass, amber and shells at a beach.  Now, my desire is to collect more little treasures from the beach and assign a pot to hold whites, glass, blacks, greens, ambers...I need more pots!


michaela said...

so cute!!!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

I'm making more