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Friday, March 30, 2012

More Lip Balm Pots

I like these little pots the best--they're made from eucalyptus seed pods that I cut not entirely in half--cut the lids from bamboo forks--drilled a few holes for the hemp sting and the closing bead--rubbed them over with sour grass blossoms for the yellow color.  These did take awhile to make--the seed pods are tough! 


michaela said...

really cute mom

Dar Presto said...

Oh my goodness! These are so beautiful. I realize you construct/craft/design just about everything around your home. I do as well, and yet I am consistently astonished at what you create. These are ingenious and exquisite.

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Michaela--I want to make some more--The eucalyptus trees with these particular pods are on the city streets of Morro Bay.


Hi Dar Presto--It's been awhile, I hope you are OK--yes, I do love to make things!

martha miller said...

These are SO COOL, SUE!!!

chelsea moline said...

i love this im looking for containers for my lip balm and i dont want to use plastic! this is a really cute idea.