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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Granddaughter's Point of View

I've shared with you words written by Margaretta K. Mitchell that were nailed up on the wall of cabin II, now I've been given the OK to post my granddaughter's writing!
Sorry Margaretta , but even though your words resonate with the deep peace I felt right on down to my bones, you've got to admit this piece of writing is supreme!

Steep Ravine Cabins on a Cliff
By Patience Hinson

I went to the Steep Ravine Cabins. They were as pretty as oak trees. My grandparents and I went to the cabins in a full packed car. I thought it was magical and I thought it was forever. I also loved the wood burning stove. It rained a lot. The rain sounded like hammers and saws. I enjoyed crocheting and weaving it felt like being curled up in the sun. I loved wading in the Steep Ravine Creek. The cabins feel magical.

Days before leaving on this vacation my granddaughter broke her glasses, so had to go without them, that didn't stop her from jotting down notes along the way.
You can guess that I must have done nothing but take pictures while staying at the Steep Ravine Cabins--that's about right!
You can also guess that I can't help but take pictures of my granddaughter--I'm smitten with her! She brightened up the cabin better than any LED flashlight or Colman lantern.


martha miller said...

Beautiful writing, P! YOU are magical! Great shots, Sue! So fun to see it all!

Melissa Mead said...

Oh...your granddaughter has given words to love I have for knitting and crocheting! How awesome. Please tell her thank you. And your lovely pics are inspiring!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Martha--she is magical--and thanks--it sure was fun taking the pictures!


Hi Melissa--Thanks for your message from down under! She's just starting to discover knitting and crocheting, I hope she keeps it up--we shall see.