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Monday, March 28, 2011

More Pictures

I'm not done--here are a few more pictures from my stay at the Steep Ravine Cabins...

(two little black birds sitting on a hill--one named Jack the other named Jill)... in this case, two big crows. I saw these crows here on two different mornings--this must be the meeting spot to talk about their plans for the day.

What a fantastic view from our window--and what do I zoom in on?

My neighbor's sweater as she does her dishes--nice sweater--do you suppose this is a variegated yarn? The skein would have to be half light, half aqua? Do they make skeins like that? If you look closely it has a nice wide ribbing that goes almost up to the waist--hmmm...(Yes, truthfully, these are my thoughts as I gaze out the seaward window).

Leave it to my daughter to bring these skulls for a great game of hide the skull--hidden in the darkest corners of the darkest rooms--fun!!

Are you tired of seeing Steep Ravine pictures yet? I think I'm done...I'm not sure...