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Friday, May 7, 2010

My Sister's Garden back in 1985

Five years and another baby later, I flew back and experienced a Maine garden for the first time!! With the longer winters, their growing season is a bit shorter I think the plants must feel that urgency to grow quick and big right from the start, I imagine all their seeds jumping about like little Mexican jumping beans! Here's my daughter peeking over the edge of one of many laundry baskets of produce from Martha's garden.

Her son Andy at his young age thought nothing of driving a whole tractor load of siblings and cousins!

Martha and the scarecrow---I don't see a fence around this garden at all--don't deer come though the gardens in Maine? or Mooses??

My youngest daughter--looks like she could get lost in this garden!

Martha's girls, Kaitlyn and Lisbeth (hoeing the garden's edge)

I couldn't resist scanning this old photo--we're all spending the day at a county fair? The whole crew. Since I was traveling and visiting with my kids I felt bold and brave enough to change my hair--I had a permanent--that's me next to Martha--furthest lady to the right in the back row--- the one who, because of the permanent, looks like Jean Wilder!!


martha miller (it's all art, isn't it?) said...

HA HA!!! Those 80's perms!!! Great pics! Look at all those beautiful children! That was a gigantic garden!!!! xox

Susan Beauchemin said...

Last time I ever had a permanent! That was a big garden! Lots of mouths to fill!

Dean Grey said...


That is some garden Martha had back then!

I wonder what it looks like now.

Not only is she a talented painter but clearly a talented grower as well!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Dean, She and her husband combine their efforts and have a beautiful garden every summer--maybe not as large as this one, because they live in a different place, but big enough! And yes her flower gardens and vegetable gardens are beautiful!