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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cultivating More than a Garden

Looking back at some memorable gardens, this one was given to me by a lady who couldn't finish it because of health problems. This was my first garden in CA--located in a dirt parking lot behind the dumpster. I hauled seaweed up from the beach--rinsed it and mixed it in with the soil, which was like clay. I was 25 and pregnant with my first child...Wow seems like ages ago!

Don't ask me what I'm doing, being my own scarecrow I guess--trying to coax that garden to grow!! If I remember correctly it didn't produce much, but...

We did! Our first born--those days were magic!


martha miller (it's all art, isn't it?) said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful people!! Love you guys! xox

Dolores said...

What wonderful photos and a great post.

michaela said...

is it true that when you swallow a watermelon seed it will grow in your belly?

Susan Beauchemin said...

Thanks Marth!! xox back at ya!


Thanks Dolores--it's so much fun to look at old pictures--I'll be posting more!


Michaela! Is that where babies come from?? But, I didn't have any watermelons in that garden!

Dean Grey said...

Magic indeed!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Dean--yes!!