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Thursday, April 8, 2010

China Camp

We stopped at China Camp State Park, on our way up the coast to visit with my daughter and her husband. This park is rich with history--ghosts of the past are all over the place. Back in the day, there was a whole little village on a shore of the San Francisco bay, a shrimp fishing village--it's a beautiful spot.
We have our own ghosts in this park--my husband worked here and I would bring my three children here for picnics, to camp, for Easter egg hunts--this camp is a part of their childhood, and a part of my past as a young wife and mother.


Martha Miller said...

Love these photos, Sue!!! Looks alot like Little Cranberry!

Dean Grey said...

I love the images on the wood panels!

Haunting indeed!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Martha--similar in a way to Cranberry, but located very close to San Francisco, and a very small shrimping village compared to Cranberry.


Hi Dean, I believe that the person pictured in yellow, is one of the children in red, and he may still be living in the village--one of the last and yes you can feel the lives of the others in that energized place!