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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Simple Prairie Dress

My granddaughter directed me on this dress, she picked out the material--she wanted the opening in the front with buttons--no zipper, because that isn't the way dresses were made back then--back when? you ask?--why... back in the "Laura and Mary days" (for those of you new to this blog, I'm talking about Little House on the Prairie) Me... not wanting to buy another pattern, ($$) used the pattern I bought for her Halloween prairie dress, changed the opening--changed a few things. It fits--a little big--the shoulder seam hangs off the shoulder just a little, but she loves it!

I added the green trim--I had to break up the silly putty color of the dress just for myself, in order to work on it. I have a buttonhole attachment, but couldn't use it--(sewing machine troubles) I decided to make the buttonholes by hand with embroidery floss and couldn't resist the periwinkle blue--thankfully I heard no complaints. The buttonholes are kind of heavy duty and a little clumsy looking, but they'll certainly wear well. She's off to school in her new prairie dress!


Dolores said...

Oh what a lucky little girl to have a dress designed by her and made with love.

Deborah Ross said...

Wow, you are so versatile! What fun to collaborate on an outfit for her. She'll remember that forever.

Martha Miller said...

Wow, that looks so pretty! What a nice new dress! You were always a great pattern designer and seamstress - fun to see you at it again, Sue!!!

Dean Grey said...

Lovely Susan!

Now I want one! I mean, it looks lovely. Wait....I already said that....*blushes*.


Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Dolores, She did like it a lot! Now she's directing me on making a petticoat and shirt!


Hi Deborah, Yes, I'd like to collaborate on more outfits--it was fun and this is a good age for it!


Hi Martha, I'm very rusty trying to change a pattern, but it was fun to sew again!


Hi Dean, I thought you wanted the puppet's blue dress! Do you sew? I taught my son to sew on a machine and he can embroider too!

michaela said...

did she need to be reassured that it looked like it was bought at a store? or is that not the way it was done back then it's ok?

Cynthia said...

some nice fotos...the cracked up line in the road is fab..what a dress too.

Dean Grey said...


I'll take the blue dress and this one too! What can I say, I'm getting greedy!

No, I don't sew....yet!

I'd like to learn one of these days!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Michaela, back then things bought in a store were called boughten. They would have loved to have had the money to buy their things, but of course they didn't. P wanted the dress to be handmade like Laura's mom would make it. She at least let me use a sewing machine!


Thanks Cynthia!


Hi Dean! OK, I've got your order! You can't have enough dresses! Sewing is fun--try it--stick with it--start small