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Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Truthful Corner

I want to strive for truthfulness. I ran across a site called Corners of My Home, where there are loads of pictures of corners from all sorts of homes--most are very pleasing--artfully arranged--dreamy corners!
I love my home, but my corners look very different. I cleaned yesterday-- cleared the floors to sweep and ended up with this corner. Big bulky items, mostly pink, that don't have a place or a home in my home. They, along with some other bulky items not pictured, are moved from one place to another, but would be sorely missed by my grandchild if I were to move them out.
I think it would do me good to see a site called Truthful Corners, or Corners of Reality, or Down Home Corners With Kids, or My House is One Big Corner.


Martha Miller said...

it could be an installation! love the black cat riding high!
how about a site called cruddy corners? i have plenty of those!

Melissa Mead said...

Oh SUSAN!! I had a great big laugh about this. I personally would assist you in creating a site of My home IS a corner! It's funny how childrens items never seem to find a PLACE of their own in a home. As if the children are seen as passing through instead of being inhabitants of a home. I struggle regularly with this.

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Martha, agh--I too have those cruddy corners--I'm not brave enough to show them!


Hi Melissa, I can just imagine--with four kiddos! Wow--what an in depth observation about children passing through a home instead of being inhabitants. Of course we want them to inhabit the home and have a real place for everything, yet now here I am a grandmother who's seen my own children grow and leave---like passing through--I think it's because of my age I can relate with the passing through. Being a young mother of four, it probably feels a whole lot more permanent. But of course there is the simple problem of space--where does this thing go?

Dean Grey said...



michaela said...

oh this would drive me crazy--i have to have a home for everything in my house. Down to the smallest object. I know i must drive damien crazy because i can walk into a room and my eye will automatically go to the one thing that is out of place. Or if something is turned the wrong way I'm like "no the scary clown puppet needs to be facing the couch so it seems like he is watching you" that's the other thing i can give you reason for why everything has to be that way--it all makes perfect sense to me. It's the virgo in me--i know i'm anal but this is just who i am.

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Dean, it is kind of funny--actually it's just the toys passing through, but they're having a tough time leaving!


Hi Michaela, You are who you are and I'm so glad you are just the way you are! Nothing wrong with having a place for everything and a reason for it too!