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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Long ago, my daughter made this old fashion lady marionette for a school project--having to do with a book they read--was it for, Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott? I can't remember. I do remember helping more than I should have.

Looking back I'm sure this was my own fault--as you know, I do love to make things! I'd get caught up with any project my kids had to make--this isn't the best way for children to learn. I hope with my granddaughter I can let her make her own things without getting all involved. I try--I really do--it's hard.

Some of you know that I was an art teacher! I can say it was much easier for me to be hands off in the classroom-- too many students!--it's all I could do to bring in supplies and give helpful hints. Teaching was good for me--I had to let go of my own ideas--shut my mouth--help guide a project even if it failed.

I got this old marionette out the other day and had lots of fun playing, Lady and Uni the unicorn, with my granddaughter.


michaela said...

you know it also depends on the child. I remember wanting to do most of my projects myself--but i did want your ideas and knowledge to use. But i also know that other children have the personality that they want "you to do it". And i know sometimes it became a huge argument or melt down when you wouldn't--i'm sure it was almost easier for you to give in and just do it. I'm sure i had my moments but i always remember feeling so much better about things when i did it myself--something to be proud of--that i did do most things myself. I remember i stopped "allowing" you to do my laundry at the age of 7 or so. (Although i think it was partly because I was sick of my sister ending up with my clothes in her drawers.) but my point here is i have always considered myself as pretty independent person. Almost to a fault i hate asking for help and from what i remember i was like this when i was younger too. So i do believe it does depend on the individual child. I'd like to know if this memory is correct or is it just how i view myself. By the way --not sure if you remembered but this one wasn't my marionette. Mr. Harris my art teacher bought all the marionettes i made back in 6th grade for 5$. Wish i didn't sell them ---it would be cool to have them now so p could have a whole family for her unicorn.

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Michaela--I know this wasn't your marionette. I wish I had those marionettes that you made in Jr high too! You and your friends made them on your own with out any help from me except for maybe supplying materials--they were so cool and I can see why the teacher wanted them! The amount of help I provided for each one of my children was different from each other--like you said it certainly does depend on the child! Yes, and meltdowns are no fun--I'm sure I could have dealt with them better than I did--I probably took over a few projects just to end them--my bad! As far as I remember Michaela, you've always been very independent, but hard on yourself because you wanted things a certain way--A good trait though, because you'd strive for what you wanted.
Love you--------Mom

Anonymous said...

true that i was always really hard on myself. I remember i sometimes would make myself literally sick because of stress if i didn't have things perfect. not always a good trait--but i think i have gotten a little better about that over the years.

Susan Beauchemin said...

yes, you've grown older and wiser, which makes me ancient and super duper smart! ha

Dean Grey said...

Ah, they look very happy together!


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