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Friday, February 12, 2010

Hurt Hummingbird

My husband and I started out for a walk, this time, (when I say, 'this time', I'm referring to my previous post about the hurt pelican), it wasn't even a minute before we saw this little hummingbird furiously flapping on the ground next to a road. Oh no...What to do? I think it was hit by a car.

We put it in the basket with hopes that it would recover and fly away. (I've had luck with this before) It looked a bit more comfortable, but its body did look twisted in an abnormal way. My cat was in the house, so we took that walk giving the bird time to recover or time to die?

One walk later, it was still there--eyes looked a little brighter, but it hadn't flown away. I know of a bird lady--she's helped me out with hurt birds in the past. I still had her number and she agreed to take this little one.

While I was calling, my cat got out--surely she hadn't found the basket in that short a time! The basket was tipped over and just a few feathers were on the ground!! Oh no!!, But the cat was lying on the hood of the car. Could she have already devoured the bird and stretched out in such a relaxed position on the car? Did the bird tip over the basket and fly away?

Blast! I don't think that little tiny fluff of a bird could have tipped that basket over and my cat is the best hunter in the world, double blast!! I'm thinking twice about going for anymore walks.


Martha Miller said...

nooooooooooo! too sad! wah!!!!! buy maybe that bird would not have made it and the cat did the humane thing...

Martha Miller said...

but maybe

Yasemin said...

Poor little thing! I was expecting a happy ending :(

Susan Beauchemin said...

I know! I was expecting a happy ending too!
Maybe the cat did it a service.

Dean Grey said...


You had me "aawwwing" at the beginning part of this story then gasping at the end!

That poor, poor bird!!


At least the cat's not hungry! (I know, I know, bad Dean)


Susan Beauchemin said...

Cats will be cats!