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Monday, January 4, 2010

Lost! nodp

School is back in session, so I'll be painting once again, but first I'll post a few pictures from a hike in the Los Osos Oaks Reserve. My two older brothers with their wives, one brother from Minnesota and the other from Rhode Island came out for a visit! I thought I'd show them some very old (800 year old) gnarly oak trees, but we were soon lost--well...not really, we could see the road and hear the cars whizzing by, but didn't want to bushwhack it through poison oak---lots of little trails were leading us astray, but it was fun--we met up with another lost soul and soon found our way out! My granddaughter was on the look out for fairies, sprites, pixies, brownies...I'm sure they all live in there amongst those special oaks or in them! My brother said it looks like the trees must dance at night and freeze in their twisted positions at daybreak----true!
My revisited painting for today is: 'Buckle Bow'


Chris Beck said...

This seems like a magical place. I'll have to plan a weekend down in your area sometime this spring.

Dean Grey said...


That tree looks so frickin' amazing!!

I'd try climbing it too!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Yes Chris and Dean--this IS a magical place! One you can get lost in...literally!