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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hold Me

I'm finding that at the age of five, there is a little reverting back to baby ways--my granddaughter is getting old enough to know that she's getting older--moving on to older things--so she's curious about her baby days and loves hearing stories about that time.
Watercolor, 7"x 7"

This past weekend was the Dega Days art show at Pacific Dance. I brought in five paintings. I was honored to have Eric Peterson and his wife buy two of them. Eric Peterson is a nationally recognized illustrator and art instructor. Check out his web site. I'll put my other dance paintings back up for sale--in case anyone was interested.

So I made some very unprofessional cards. Since I punched holes in them, I figured I'd make a wooden stand to display them. I used my painting of a stink bug on the cards, so they came out looking like business cards of an exterminator, that's when I knew I had to add some color, sparkles, and little colorful stickers. Oh well, I did have fun creating them!

Speaking of bugs--I don't know what kind of bug engraves these tracks, but I love the designs they make!

Bubble play--I have the yellow straw, but took a break to take these pictures.

My granddaughter was in a parade as a mermaid with her dance troop--letting the community know of the upcoming Little Mermaid performance on June 27th. It was a busy weekend!

I haven't forgotten about passing along that award to other artists--I'll get to that--I will!!


michaela said...

i love that mermaid

Susan Beauchemin said...

I think she had a good time--I did!

Dean Grey said...


LOL at "business cards of an exterminator".

"Hold Me" is just awesome!

Fantastic composition with both dolls partly cropped off.

I love the use of color, especially the reds near the lower part of the girl's hand.

Wow, so many colors in the skin and somehow it still manages to work.

A very intense painting for such delicate subject matter. What a great contrast!


Anonymous said...

add a little paint to the bubbles and you can make bubble prints by placing a piece of paper gently on top of the bubbles!

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