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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reinforced Corner of Sail

I've always liked grommets or eyelets. I remember, after learning how to put an eyelet in fabric, everything I made there after had eyelets--covered buttons--that's another thing I made a lot of--no covered buttons on this sail--don't go looking for them. It always bothered me that women's clothes aren't made as strong or as well as men's. Often the seams are not reinforced--the fabric is thin or cheap--it won't last. Men's clothing are finished and strong with good cloth--I don't know how true this is today--I don't shop all that often, but it was true back when I was making my own clothes. I would reinforce all my seams---maybe this was a bit obsessive, because after doing all that work, I'd end up not wearing the thing or giving it away. I guess I'm drawn to reinforced things--strength--durability--this sail can hold up to the winds out at sea.
Watercolor 7"x 7"
$120 matted / $160 matted & framed

For international or expedited shipping, please contact me prior to purchase.


Sheila said...

Beautiful. It reminds me of an iridescent butterfly wing.

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Sheila, Huh! Thank you, I didn't think of a wing!

Gwen Bell said...

Love the soft abstract lines in this. The colors are gorgeous!

Dean Grey said...

I love the colors here.

Pastel: blues, yellows, pinks, and greens all flowing together beautifully.


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