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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eucalyptus Leaves IV

I've had a few obligations that have interrupted my painting time. I always hope to get back on track, but my track is a bumpy one to begin with.
Watercolor, 7"x 7"

Check out this great blue heron! It's looking out over the bay from my roof top--what a big bird--makes a big sound too!


Martha Miller said...

beautious painting and beautiful blue heron!!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Tanks Mart!!

Sheila said...

What a gorgeous painting. Something about eucalyptus' silvery powder over light green leaves and those rich reddish brown stems. You've captured this beautifully.

I love herons. I think its a good luck sign that he/she landed on your roof!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Thanks good!--I can always use some good luck!--Thank you Sheila

Dean Grey said...

I love this!

Green is my favorite color and I love plants, so how could I not adore this one?

I love the close up view of the eucalyptus leaves. The soft greens go well with the reddish brown stems poking through.

Just great, Susan!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Welcome Dean! Thanks for the comment--I enjoyed reading your blog--I really like the man hole cover photo.

Susan Beauchemin said...
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