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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Self Portrait

I can't help but to post a few pictures--Of course I may put in one (or two or three) of my granddaughter--I liked the colors of my husband's clothes--what is it with cats and mittens? Do they just find each other?--Right now during these short winter days, I love the sunlight at around 1:30pm. It lights things in a different way. This last picture is my compost bin! It never looked so good. The daily painters are doing a self portrait theme for Wednesday the 7th. I was just barely able to get this one done in time--(school's been out and other obligations come around), but I hope to be posting at a more regular pace soon!
Watercolor, 7"x 7"


JMahorney said...

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again. Your watercolors are just amazing. If they were so beautiful I might be distracted by how great the drawing is. :)
I hope you're teaching others how to do this.

William R. Moore said...

I enjoy your work very much, but especially your self portraits. They are so very excitingly varied in expressiveness, composition and application of paint. This one is no exception and is so fantasticly strong in so many ways. Ditto: Jeff

Martha Miller said...

Yay, you did it! And it's a beauty!
Like you, Susie Q!

Love the pics - especially the all knowing light of love emanating from the compost bucket!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Thanks Jeff, I'm not teaching at the moment--I've done a lot of that over the years, then needed to work for myself--a little balance.

Thanks William, I like self portraits , I was glad the daily painters came up with that theme.

Hi Martha, Yes I was able to pull it off! Time goes so quickly these days!!

Brenda said...

Hi Susan,

Just wanted to let you know that I love your self-portrait--it is just beautiful! I am always drawn to your paintings on Daily Painters but never took the time to tell you. Well, it's a New Year and I'm turning over a new leaf. A breath-taking piece!

Don Gray said...

Fabulous self-portrait, Susan. Your style is completely vibrant.

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Brenda, Thanks for the comment! Good to hear from you--happy new year!

Hi Don, Thank you too--I didn't get to tell you that I loved your self portrait with the mask!