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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mamiya and my Dad

This is the camera my dad would use to create his double, triple, or quadruple exposures. Here's a picture of him posing with his friends, (on the right) when he was a young man. He probably set this up and took the picture with whatever camera he owned at that time. The following pictures are a series of his multiple exposures. Yes, he was a little nutty. I don't have a scanner, so took a picture of these, but they really are much clearer than this.
Watercolor, 7"x 7"


martha said...

Dad would have gone CRAZY with photoshop! He died before his time.

martha said...

that bottom pic...can't you just hear him singing, "good little, bad little, Y - O - U!"

Mark Adams said...

Susan, I love this camera series! I had a darkroom from the time I was 13 until just recently. It broke my heart to put my enlarger on eBay. The lovely batik quality of your watercolors brings a fresh vision to these old workhorses. I have new respect for my Yashica-D and Canon FTB as possible fodder for the daily paintings.

Martha Miller said...

mark adams wrote:

"the lovely batik quality"

hear, that, sue? you were wondering how that was working!

i agree - it's a wonderful series!


Susan Beauchemin said...

MARTHA, he lives on in us--you can go crazy in photoshop, I'll just go crazy! Yes, I can hear him singing that song!

MARK, Thank you, The process of my paintings are much like making a batik. Get those cameras out to paint!

Katie said...

God, I loved your dad!