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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jumping Back a Month

We'll just pretend it's August---I almost forgot to post about this year's Children's Craft Fair!  Slap my hand!
I'm very proud of my granddaughter (on the right) and her friend's accomplishments in bringing this year's booth to fruition!  Maybe even prouder than all the previous years---I've talked in the past how I tend to get involved a little too much?--you might remember, here, here, here  here and here.  Phew!
This year everything was her's and her friend's idea--they got together for many weeks prior to the fair to cook their cupcakes and freeze them, make the frosting and even cleaned and washed dishes--they thought out all the details and then had a great day frosting and selling their fabulous mini cupcakes!

Four minis fit in a hand folded origami box with lid.

Awesome job!!!

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Kris Greco said...

When I saw the first picture she looked just like Michaela! Those cupcakes were beautiful! I would buy them!