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Friday, August 22, 2014

A Felted Diaper Cover

I thought I'd try out a diaper cover with some left over wool I had on hand.  I'm not an avid knitter and it was the first time I did this brioche stitch (the very large ribbing going down the length of the diaper cover)  I had some trouble understanding the pattern.

After a few days, I finally sewed the side seams and came up with a long and very stretchy diaper cover--here's the front.

and back.  I noticed that all the diaper covers that work well are felted--this pattern didn't call for the felting, so I was afraid it would shrink too much, but I closed my eyes and tossed it in with a regular warm water wash--scary, this felting process!!

It really did shrink--it just might fit my grandson today, maybe not tomorrow!  You can barely tell the difference between the stitches--the brioche panel running down the front and back is thick and padded, which is good, but the waistline and leg openings are not very stretchy, so this might not work!  I did soak it in a lanolin solution after the washing, so as not to soak up too much wetness from the baby.  I'm experimenting--perhaps it would be better to felt the diaper cover, then add the waist and leg ribbing later.   Making sure from then on to wash in cold water by hand?
I guess this is an old time method of covering cloth diapers that has made a come back.  I don't remember having anything like this when my kids were babies--we had plastic diaper covers that would get brittle and scratchy with a lot of use,especially around the waist and legs.

The back.  We'll see if this fits and if it works!


Dolores said...

Looks pretty good to me. I hope it fits. I too remember the plastic diaper pants that got brittle with too many washings.
You could always make a tag blanket if you are wanting something small and almost instant gratification. There are animal shaped ones too.

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