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Friday, May 16, 2014


I came up with this lesson for a 3rd grade class, for Mother's Day.  I wish I had pictures of these finished, but I was too busy putting the final crimp bead on each one.
The first day, the students were given about ½" square of yellow, red and blue polymer clay or Sculpty clay.  We mixed colors so they each had a little blob of not only primary colors , but secondary colors.  They rolled and pinched and put together beads.
Next day, the students strung their beads with a choice of other beads that I had brought in, to make their bracelet.  I put on the last crimp bead to hold it all in place--opened up the end loop and they were done.

I made some paper beads, so each student could have at least three paper beads if they wanted them, but it turns out not many used these beads--I was thinking of having them make these rolled beads, but the clay beads took up all our time, and these small magazine beads would have, most likely, been too difficult for them to make.

Here's a practice one I made at home.

The aluminum crimp bead.

Now, you might want to know about my spectacular ceramic bracelet?  I didn't mean for this to be a commercial in any way, but if your interested, check out my niece's web site, Kaitlyn Duggan Pottery.


martha said...

I love mine!!! Thankyou!!! xox

Susan Beauchemin said...

you're welcome