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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bobble Head

I've been wanting to make a bobble head ever since I picked up a few from my trip to Mexico.  I would love to see how they're made, but I did some experimenting and came up with this one--very simple with a eucalyptus seed pod body, a little crooked branch for the neck and some beads--a glass one inside for the weight, and humming bird and chicken feathers.  It's a little like making a mobile , in that you have to balance the neck, (I used a thread) before you string it up inside the pod.  This is my prototype, I'm bound to make more.


michaela said...

love it!!! My bobble head from mexico broke i think. hint hint

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hee Hee I will keep this in mind! Did it really break? I'd like to take it apart--I might be able to fix it.

michaela said...

yeah i think it did--i just don't know what i did with it--probably in a box somewhere. But it wasn't the bobble head that broke it was it's wings on the outside of the dragon that broke. I was thinking i might repair it with a little paper mache and re paint it