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Friday, June 14, 2013

A Single Broccoli Plant

It's a struggle to grow one broccoli plant where I live.  I replanted this volunteer in a large container and put it in my netted off garden enclosure.  The net keeps the birds out, but those bunnies can burrow in and stretch to reach first the surrounding leaves, then later, after I knocked out the bottom of a cracked bucket to encircle the plant, the bunnies must have climbed up and started to eat the broccoli top!!

The plant is still growing!  Now, not only is it in an above ground container--within my netted garden--with a broken pail collar, but now has an old crab cage over it, (I had to wire the openings around the cage)!!!!!

Here's my little plot--the bunnies so far haven't gotten into this container and the net over the whole thing was a good idea--we now have plenty of lettuce and kale--and a few strawberries every now and then--notice the tomato plants around the edges, I've had to cage these in--the bunnies ate these down once--this is their second life.  I have to water about every other day, since we are in our dry season.


martha said...

My goodness, what an ORDEAL to grow ANYTHING!!! I'm amazed you keep at it!!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

I haven't for the longest time--this year I'm trying!!