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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Try at a Pine Needle Basket

I found out that I shouldn't have used really wet pine needles in my last little basket--the needles shrunk but the stitches didn't and my basket is wobbly.  I was inspired to try again after meeting a very talented basket maker on the way to my granddaughter's bus stop yesterday!  She happened to be showing her baskets at her campsite.  I didn't have my camera and I didn't even ask her name!  But I did ask a few questions about preparing the needles.

After collecting the needles, let them dry out--these have been tucked away in a draw for a month?  Should be dry enough?  Wash them--I used boiling water and just a drop of dish soap.  Let them dry and then use them!  But the needles that start the basket--the ones that have to bend quite a bit--those needles need to be soaked!  I have so many more questions--I wish I could have watched her at work!!


michaela said...

wonder if you can find some cool basket material while we are in hawaii

Susan Beauchemin said...

ooooh! could be!