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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Little Crocheted Doll

When my fingers are too tired for making the basket, I've been making this little crocheted doll.  I don't much like crocheted things, like clothing or really useless things like toilet paper covers--some crocheted items really make me feel depressed, (could have something to do with me being a teenager and seeing all those crocheted vests that were all the rage at the time--I might have even had one!--and going to craft bazaars run by old ladies with all sorts of crocheted items made with shiny polyester yarn--covers for everything!--adorned with crocheted roses and plastic craft beads--why my doll would fit right in!, and I am at an age to be running the bazaar!)  Bazaar,  but I've always liked crocheted dolls and those little finger puppets.  I found a pattern that I tried out a few years ago--then I changed it to my liking--here's the original doll.

This could be a self portrait--especially the ears!  Just so you know, the yarn is cotton and the beads are  glass.  I hope this isn't too depressing!