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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Fairy Store

For New Years day, my granddaughter and I built this fairy store for fun.  The green hanging moss on the right side, is suppose to be the changing room.  If we did sell anything in this store, we would sell clothing and food.  We made it from things found around our yard.  My granddaughter thought that the gate in front looked more like a trap for fairies until we pushed the gate down into the ground.  She wrote on leaves for signs, because she thought it looked more fairy like.  We are proud of our fairy store!!!

The block of granite under the sign is the counter top for the fairies to buy their things.  My granddaughter thought if fairies had money, the money would be seeds, in this case we decided on flower seeds.

"If you want a dress in a certain color, send me the petals."  We wrote this sign, because we don't have too many colorful flowers around here.  The white sculpture underneath, is suppose to be a clothes rack.

The leaf on the sticks is a sign saying free water.  We decided the fairies didn't have to pay for water.  The knitted square over the shell is suppose to be a tarp to protect the water.  We put leaves under the abalone shell so dirt wouldn't get in the water, because there is a hole in the side of the shell.

This is how the store looks on the outside.  My husband put old planters and Christmas tree trimmings around, because he thought it looked more welcoming.  We really like our finished project.  If you were a fairy, would you come to this store?      
 ( My granddaughter explained everything to me and told me what to write.)


michaela said...

queen rose is sure to shop there

Susan Beauchemin said...

She has already used the store to sleep in since her home was flooded--we found her bedding!