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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Shade Back in Action

We had this small suction cup shade, probably for a car window that had been sitting and deteriorating--the rubber of the suction cup was sticky and worthless--the paper of the shade was brittle, but the roller still worked with a good spring-back action!  I almost thew it out, but thought..what about material--would that work?  I used an old worn out sheet--I didn't turn the raw edges under, just ran a straight stitch around the whole thing--then used some liquid Fray Block around the edges.

Okay--major drawback: it doesn't fit the window--go ahead, laugh, I don't care, it is kind of funny, but I didn't want a shade or a curtain or even one of those useless top flounces on this window.  This window looks in on my refrigerator, and in the late afternoon, the sun shines right on it.  This skinny shade keeps that little bit of sun off the frig.  I did have a dowel along the bottom edge, but I think it was too heavy, because after getting it all together, the shade wouldn't roll up all the way!  Took out the dowel and it works fine!

I don't like blocking out any bit of light from a window...well except for the burning square of sun on my refrigerator. 


michaela said...

I always thought about either painting pictures on the inside of the roller shade or just taping posters so when they rolled down they would see something crazy. but now i no longer have roller shades :)

Susan Beauchemin said...

I know--I'm thinking about shade art lately--I like the painting idea--I'm interested in finding out how to make the pawl and ratchet mechanism that's on the inside of the roller.