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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On Beyond Portfolios

Oh I go.  I had to think about how these portfolios would be kept in the classroom and if I could make it easier to file the children's artwork away.  I'm not sure, but I might have just made filing a whole lot harder?!  
I made this portfolio holder from foam core, strung an elastic through the eyelets that I set into the corners of the portfolios.  I strung them in hopes that they would all stay together and not slip on down to the bottom of the holder--I still have to figure out a flap or something to close it a bit tight, so the holder can stand?---and then little tabs on each folder with the child's name for filing ease?  Please stop me...
The major flaw in this design is that you can't pull out any individual portfolio!!  You'd have to untie the bead and pull out the elastics, then re-thread the whole thing!  This is a major, major flaw!  I should have stopped there, having seen the obvious major flaw, but I pressed on--go figure!  Another flaw is that the children's portfolio cover designs are now hidden!  But, most likely they would be hidden anyway, since these would have to be stacked one way or another, so this is a minor flaw. 
This whole endeavor was full of indecisions--so much so, that I had one of those dreams where nothing could be found:  I couldn't find a rest room and my bathing suit--I was last to leave in a water race without my bathing suit and I didn't wrap up the required gift.

Well, I'm wrapping this one up!

Really--if this system doesn't work out, then it can easily be undone and the individual portfolios will have eyelets and a name tab--no harm done--no big deal--I'm putting this behind me--now!
Oh--and it doesn't stand on its own, but does work well against a wall--OK--now! 

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