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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Makeshift Ribbon Wands

My granddaughter expressed an interest to be in her school's variety show doing a ribbon dance. I made these clumsy ribbon wands using supplies I had on hand. The streamers are a touch too heavy, cut from some packaging material I've held onto. I didn't have any narrow cardboard tubing and I thought sticks would be too painful if and when they get too close. I cut a large tube in half down the middle and used clear packaging tape--pretty ugly. I used a lollipop stick, glued it into a hole drilled in a cork. Eyelet/ed the folded end of the streamer to turn freely around the pop stick and glued the bead on the end. I'll probably refine these--find lighter ribbons--silk would be nice--better tubing, but these were fun on the beach!

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martha miller said...

coool! they look good to me!