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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doll Repair

This is my oldest daughter's very first rag doll--this doll has been through quite a lot. She was even kidnapped when my husband, who, for some reason, (maybe the doll was left behind after a father/daughter day?), kept her on his electric cart at work and one morning found a ransom note in its place. I wonder what he had to do or pay to get "Mr. Man" back from his fellow worker---that's what they called her at that time, "Mr. Man", how humiliating!

My daughter asked if I would fix both dolls. The monkey, (who's foot you can see), I had made for my son when he was about 9. My daughter loved it so much she traded one of her dolls(?) for the monkey--but mice eventually found the rice I had weighted his feet with and nibbled holes in the toes.

For dolls, both are old--the rag doll is close to 30 and the monkey, close to 20. As luck and thrift would have it, I actually found some scraps of the very same material the monkey was made from, so I could simply replace his feet! The rag doll, on the other hand...well I could have started over! I took one little step at a time--new skin--a little more hair--turned the vest inside out to reveal the now brighter underside and then a new embroidered face, based on the old painted one.

A final wash--good as new!?


martha miller said...


michaela said...

and i love them! thank you again. dad was asked to leave a plate of chocolate chip cookies somewhere at his work...i do believe.

martha miller said...

i liked mr. man's raggedy face and button eye!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Yup--cookies---that's what it was
and yes, that sure was a raggedy face, but I don't think the original face had button eyes? So I went with the embroidery--that was the tough part, because I didn't want to change it completely, well I guess I did, but you know what I mean.

michaela said...

no i addded one button eye one time when it went through the wash and came out all torn up. It also had a thing of stiches down the other side of it's fce where i tried to fix a rip but decided to use embroderey thread so the stiches would stand out. It ended up looking like syd from toy story had gotten ahold of mr. man