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Friday, October 21, 2011

Chairs Transformed!

We've had these dinning room chairs given to us close to twenty years ago. We've recovered the seats a handful of times, but looking at them, I realized they needed more than new seat covers! I have some very old paint--(in fact the cans started leaking from the bottoms from prying them open--what a mess!) First I sanded, just to rough up the wood, I primed them with some old white paint, then used some red and turquoise paint. (all three cans were leaking from their rusted bottoms)

I did use some spray paint--that was fun except when one can refused to stop spraying!! The material came from a former sewing student of mine, she contributed a fair amount to our class' cloth bin years ago, so thank you to her! They are kind of wild, but we like them.


michaela said...

funny--these chairs would match the table i painted for the birdo in high school. Thats probably because they were the same cans of paint from 15 years ago when i used them :) Looken good--can't wait to sit on them at christmas

Susan Beauchemin said...

They do match that table and yes same paint!! I still have some left over--I think a few other things will eventually match as well. You'll see them all at Christmas!

Chris Beck said...

I so enjoy seeing your creativity at play/work!! These chairs are great in their new colors!!