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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An Andy Goldsworthy Moment

It was the evening before the Children's Craft Fair, and you'd think that we 'd had enough making of lots and lots of things. We stepped out to hear some free music at the San Luis Obispo Mission,but littered all over the ground were these purple tubular flowers which had fallen and were still falling from the nearby trees.
My granddaughter and I mindlessly made one circle while listening to the music and sitting on the fountain's edge, dum dee dum, and then she said it... "Wouldn't it be cool if we did this all around the fountain?"
In my mind our little mindless activity turned into, what? A job, an obsession?--I thought of Andy Goldsworthy and all the time he must have spent collecting objects of nature--how art really is obsessive, or can be. We started collecting--I wasn't bent on getting the entire circle completed, but it happened!

Of course more color was needed!

Then bubbles!
Later we saw a professional photographer taking photos of a couple--(maybe their engagement picture?) using the fountain and the flower rings as the setting.

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martha miller said...

Beautiful art installation!