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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lets Go Back To Mexico!!

I'm using my ceramic skeleton as a segue back to Mexico, where we, my daughter and I saw some memorable sculptures!
(pictures by Michaela)

I can't believe Michaela caught these shots of an entrance to a bar? (that's my guess) --we were driving by at a pretty good speed!



These are bronze seats overlooking the water created by Guadalajara native, Alejandro Colunga

This bronze lady was tucked away inside the back of a building--I don't know the artist

"Lonely Planet" by the Mexican artist, Sergio Bustamente

A great stone archway!


michaela said...

i can't believe i got those pictures of that weird bar too-- with how crazy and fast those taxi cab drivers drive :) So nice to see these again--makes me want to go back....good thing we have another trip coming up :) And i'm going to look into our hot air balloon ride for the next adventure :)

Susan Beauchemin said...

We are the jet set--or the slowly hot air rising set--and another trip coming right up!

martha miller said...

WoW! What great images!! Oh, Mexico - sounds so simple I just got to go...