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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Painting a Natal Chart

It's time once again to paint a natal chart.

I'm pushing myself to take up some creative pursuits I've let slip to the side.
Why is it that when caring for a child, I put my art endeavors on a back burner--is this a motherly thing that I do?

I'm finding--this time around--being a grandmother/mother, looking at that back burner, my creative ideas are not actively simmering like they did as a young mom.

I don't want this part of myself to slip away--I want to still be enthused and involved with my art work.

I'll say that last sentence as a prayer and put some matches in my pocket!


michaela said...

I felt like this was happening to me when i was director of the preschool too. I would have tons of ideas for what the kids should do and art projects for them. And when i came home at night after work i would always spend my free time working on something for them. I kinda forgot about myself--all my art was kids art and i was forgetting-or just not enough time to do stuff for me. Even though my job right now as a supervisor may not have the creative outlets the preschool job had in a way i like it because it drives me to spend my free times in the evening being creative for me(well when it's not house related). But it really took me awhile to get back into that mind set and I truthfully still don't think I'm all the way there. I wish we lived closer so we could have arts and crafts nights together and help each other get that motivation.

michaela said...

and who's natal charts are they? So happy to see you making them again :)

Susan Beauchemin said...

I would love to have arts and crafts night with you!! I just received your very cool collaged folder in the mail--so I'm glad to see that you are doing your own artwork!
I'm doing a trade with a cousin who is an astrologer--he'll be interpreting my chart for a painted one of his. I made this trade long ago--he may have forgotten all about it by now.

martha miller said...

this happened to me, too, in the years of taking care of lisbeth, and making allie's cats. i really believed i was not an artist. for a while the only drawing i did was in my dream journals. and when i went to work at cole haan, i dreamt that that place was draining me of my strength - like superman and kryptonite - and that i fainted and turned grey in a corridor in the corporate office! going back to school really gave it all back to me. (keith will love his chart!!!)