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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Traveling Back into the Land of Snow and Family

My sister Martha named this little Caroline Wren, Edna Brown, after an author of a children's book she was reading at the time and because my mom's name is Edna. We decided that this little Caroline Wren was sent to us by my mom, or she embodied my mom's spirit and had come to visit while all her children were gathered together at my brother and his wife's house. Here's my picture of Edna Brown, see Martha's picture, here.

My sister Martha and I constructed a funeral wreath , that when finished, you could only see a bit of these grape vines. They soon were covered with material, paper and pictures--I happen to like this vine part of it best. Martha posted about the wreath here.

I flew into RI at the beginning of a great snow storm! I loved it!

We were all together in our happiness and sorrow. Comforting soft snow was falling all around us.
Thank you Mom.


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martha miller said...

miss you, sue! wish we could reart together! that's the word V today, reart.

i heart reart you. xo

martha miller said...

hee hee, love in that photo: "nothing's as cool as a pool." you should SEE my pool right now - actually, you can't see it - it's buried under 3-4 feet of snow!!!! what we had in RI looks like a flurry compared to the crazy snow up here in maine! and we're getting more this weekend! wish you were here to help shovel!!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Thanks, download mp3! best of luck to you too dude!


Hi Martha--I would love to be there for this latest snow storm! Just not stuck in a car! We even had freezing cold frost this morning--no snow though. I miss you too!

martha miller said...