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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Tiny Step Back to Thanksgiving

I'm catching up with my pictures after being off line for soo long. I only posted a few from the massive load that was on my camera.
We harvested any crazy root vegetables that were left over from my condensed garden--the apple pie my granddaughter requested--Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas are the only times I use a lace table cloth, I'm not sure where it came from, but it makes great lacy shadows as we found out when my daughter set up a My Pretty Pony play world, (which included a room of gloom. We have to have the gloom too! [an important lesson that my daughter playfully threw into the set])--Our table in a small space, using the pool table for overflow (to heck with the serving bowls, put out the pans)--fireworks of course! Thanks to my daughter for bringing them down and to my son, who loved setting them off, (no surprise there!)

My mom and grandmother did up Thanksgiving much fancier than I do--I love the look of a well planned table, but it's not my style. For me it doesn't make sense to scoop mashed potatoes into a bowl, when it's already being held nicely in a pan. I recall Gramma secretly showing me, while using a hushed tone, how she would wipe away any food inside the rim of a serving bowl. I have done that, and think of Gramma every time I do. If any bottles should go on the table (definitely not at Thanksgiving, tsk, tsk), The lids should be off the bottles and off the table and the tops of the bottles wiped clean. My husband caught me doing this the other day and thought it pretty silly. So my sly and wise grandmother did teach me a few things! I'll have to try that hushed tone, like I'm telling a big secret with my granddaughter and many years from now she just might have learned a few things from me, (like forget the serving bowls?) So Gramma, forgive me for using my pans! Please.

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martha miller said...

Looks like a great time! In the words of my old therapist, we get to re-invent the holidays and do them our way. And, shhhh! Check out Elizabeth Layton's self-portrait, "Thanksgiving..."