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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maine Flowers

Flowers from my sister Martha's garden this past summer.
She's posted about a work in progress called, "Missing Angels"
here's another poem by John, again written just weeks before he passed, entitled, "Angels"

by John Fiore,

Would that we could

have kept that angel,
the one that sat on our shoulders
as we wobbled through that toddler age,
missing table corners and open drawers
by whiskers, angel fingers taking the hits
for our soft little baby heads.
We zigged and zagged, the road
a mine field, trouble at every turn,
and yet here we are.
But now, the angel is gone,
and I miss mine at every fork,
every misstepped road.


martha miller said...

so very sad. will there be a service for john? wish i lived closer...

Susan Beauchemin said...

Yes, in early December--fly out!

martha miller said...

just tried to comment and the word verification was difela and i wrote. sad you had to die, fella - then blogger blipped and i had to retype this, and now the word verification is diesse...

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