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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back With a New Computer!!

That was some loooong vacation!!! With a lots of big horrible computer bugs and worms that just ate up my computer and spit it out! Bla! Spit-tuee!
Thanks to my son-in law, (a tip of the hat and THANK YOU!) who put together a new computer for me and my family, I'm able to post again! I've got to say, though...After a while I enjoyed my time away from the computer---I think I'll keep this in mind as I get back on. I'll also keep in mind to copy my pictures onto disks!!
I do have pictures to post, that go waaay back!
Painting? I do have a few ideas, but lately, I've been sewing---go figure!


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Dolores said...

Welcome back. I'm glad all the computer bugs have left.

Dean Grey said...

Welcome back, Susan!