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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wild Turkey (photo) Shoot

I took way too many pictures, I know, but we don't have wild turkeys come through our yard that often. A few years ago we had just one female who came for about a week. She visited our yard every afternoon at about the same time, pecking, eating, scratching, taking great big dust baths in the dry dirt of that summer. She came alone, which intrigued me--I often see wild turkeys in a cluster. My granddaughter and I named her Trish. We'd sit watching out the window. I'd imagine she had snuck off from her flock. She was independent--feather free--our yard was her own private Idaho for all of one week.
Could this be Trish come back with two suitors?

She was bold, like she'd been here before. The two males were following her everywhere, but when she very comfortably walked up so close to the house, the males, who were strutting their stuff, got all puffed up and gingerly walked around the perimeter--tough guys on tippy toes.

Oh beautiful Trish! Maybe she wanted to throw them off her trail or...tail,

The males sauntered into the yard, much to my delight--my granddaughter and I were right there on the porch and not being very quiet I might add.

A male with his feathers down.

Wild turkeys!!


Michaela said...

do you guys still see the albino turkey? didn't that white turkey kinda get picked on because it was different ---stuck out--and easy target to pick (or peck) on? sad how turkey's are like humans in that way.

martha miller (it's all art) said...

or humans are real turkeys at times!

great shots!! we get these guys in our yard, too!

Susan Beauchemin said...

I haven't seen that albino turkey--but the trio came back into the yard this morning--very briefly--couldn't stay and watch though--had to bring P to school.


Hi Marth--or turkeys are real humans at times! And you've had a moose or two!!!

Dean Grey said...


Wow! What amazing shots!

I'll bet they won't be visiting around Thanksgiving Day!

Hee hee hee

Shame on me, I know!


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