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Monday, March 15, 2010

Working on a Petticoat with Do-Ho Suh in Mind

You've probably noticed that I like the way light shines through semi transparent material or paper. While working on my granddaughter's petticoat, it reminded me in a very small and very humble way of the art work of Do-Ho Suh. His fabric interiors are amazingly detailed, incredible creations of some of the spaces he has lived in. I've done a bit of sewing in my day, but was blown away when I first viewed these interiors. It is hard enough to sew with a pattern, but this? And with sheer fabric--difficult fabric to sew with! How did he do this? I was somewhat disappointed to know he had used the help of master seamstresses. I wanted to believe the impossible! But, however they're made--they are quite beautiful, I would love to see these in person--to walk inside those rooms!

Seoul Home 1999

348 West 22nd St. 2003

348 West 22nd St. Corridor 2003

Staircase, 2003


michaela said...

funny the first thing i noticed was my mini mouse hanger. I still have a few of those from soooo many years ago. But i love the petticoat---how much fun.

Martha Miller said...

i've seen pictures of his installations, too, that have blown my mind! oh, to have a hundred studio assistants...
P is going to LOVE that petticoat!!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Michaela, It's amazing that we still have those old mini mouse hangers! I hope the petticoat comes out OK, I'm not using a pattern, but just sewing ruffle upon ruffle--so I'm not knowing how long to cut the lengths and I'm having to piece it as I go. It should be fun to wear, even if it's not that much fun to make!


Hi Martha, Does he have that many studio assistants? He does have installations with numerous items, like thousands upon thousands of one thing--dog tags, or little sculptures of people. He could use the extra hands! I wouldn't know what to do with a hundred studio assistants! Maybe build me a studio, then send them all home!

Dean Grey said...

I never heard of Do-Ho Suh unitl now, Susan!

Unbelievable! Those fabric rooms almost seem impossible!

I'd love to live in one but the dry cleaning bill would be through the roof!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Ha ha Dean! Look him up he does some other crazy obsessive stuff--I guess art is a safe place for that.

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