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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Letter to Pippin!

Those are her take off like an airplane ears,

At my granddaughter's suggestion, my daughter sent Pippin, our old cat, a letter. My granddaughter waited until Pippin showed up, (from hunting bunnies, or sleeping--but I sure wish she would go after the mice!!) to open and read the letter to her. Pippin sat and listened--she perked her ears when the letter was translated into cat language--meow, meow, meow, meow!


michaela said...

yeah she got her letter! What a good idea P had. She makes a good little pen pal. can't wait to see you guys---mic

Martha Miller said...

too cute. P is getting so tall!!! love her nightgown...

Martha Miller said...

does pippin fly the feline airline? ^ ^

word verification:


go tell P to let the CAT IN

Cynthia said...

me-owwww meow ,,,meeeeow...meow...
translated into people language that means.....ahhhh how sweet, sweet cat, sweet grandddaughter, sweet idea.........

Caroline said...

Oh, I know THAT look!! Where would we be without our cats?

Dean Grey said...


That was sweet of your granddaughter, Susan!

Pippin is rather patient, huh?


Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Michaela--we'll be up there before you know it!


Hi Martha, Funny verification!


Hi Cynthia, Yes, it was very sweet!


Hi Caroline, I know, she's such a silent family member, except when she's hungry!


Hi Dean, You're right Pippin is patient and getting kind of old and that helps--and my granddaughter is pretty sweet!

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