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Monday, March 1, 2010

After School Art Class

Packed and loaded in the car

We did watercolor washes over wax paper writing--crayon resist--wet on wet and wet on dry. All went well--only about 12 students and my granddaughter helped me with everything--even helped me teach!--she stood right up with me and interrupted me left and right, but it was very cute--She didn't want to do the lesson--so I had to keep her busy passing things out--turning on the music and such. A very pleasant afternoon!


Sheila said...

Yay! No stomach problems I assume then. Their paintings look great!

Martha Miller said...

you had fun! goooood. xo

michaela said...

Ha you would have never let me get away with that with all the years i was your helper. But truthfully i would have been to shy to stand up infront of everyone. I didn't feel comfortable doing that until later around the time i subed for your art classes when you couldn't make it for some reason because there was such a big age difference--no longer was i helping in art classes with my peers. So good for patience --she's got more balls then i did at that age.

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Sheila, Nope--it was very smooth sailing!


Hi Martha, Yup--but I'm glad to be home to paint today!


Hi Michaela, I didn't let her get away with it either--she had to sit off to the side and pretend that I was the teacher, so that she would listen---then, I put her to work! She loved it though--so I haven't changed that much! It was funny too, because there were some older kids that were sort of smirking at P trying to teach right along with me, but P didn't even notice and she would strut from table to table announcing loudly the next step or that she was changing their water!

michaela said...

how funny i can just picture her. gosh i miss you guys. any plans for spring break?

Dean Grey said...

Paints and crayons?

I wish I was there! Looks like FUN!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Michaela--we might have plans that include you!


Hi Dean, It was pretty fun, although I didn't like the quality of watercolors--I was wishing they had Prang watercolors!