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Monday, February 1, 2010

30th Anniversary

The 30th anniversary is symbolized by the pearl. I love how the pearl is formed! Around a grit of sand, those beautiful smooth pearly layers are formed. How fitting for any anniversary, but especially for a marriage that's lasted thirty years. I donned my pearls and we walked on a nearby almost deserted beach.

I found this shell!
and this starfish and abalone shell! We've had rough seas--I hope this starfish mends.

Wow! My husband found this part of an arrow head! Right before this find, I said, "what if we couldn't leave this beach until we found an arrow head?" We were now free to leave, so we didn't.

This beach has great drift wood. The surf and high tide had swept over the entire surface of sand.

A warm heart!

A bone and brain--maybe fossilized sponge or root system of kelp?

Freshly scattered fish. Could this be a dried up river let of the illusive grunion run? I think these fish are too big to be grunion, and they weren't all over the beach.

An amazing sun set.

Getting ready to watch the full moon rise.

The moon and mars. The gifts kept coming all day and into the night! Thank you to the earth, thank you to the sea, thank you to the sky.

The pearl earrings are designed and created by Kristen Brown of Lebanon Connecticut. To see her other jewelery creations, please check out her Etsy site.


michaela said...

ahhhhh you guys are too cute. I love the earnings mom---very pretty. And good job dad!

Martha Miller said...

soooo sue and mike! happy 30th, you two love birds!!! (spectacular pics!)

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Michaela! Cute? Maybe, I guess, in an old fashion sort of way. I love you!----Mom

Hey Marth! Thanks, it was a great day for pictures!

Cynthia said...

What lovely rocks and shells...all that driftwood,,,wow. I have some driftwood that I found over 30 years ago....looks great in the garden.

Melissa Mead said...

Congratulations Susan & Mike. Thank you for sharing such beauty and magic with us!

I hope my husband and I have such a romantic 30th as well (we've 20 years to go but the first 10 were a breeze!)

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Cynthia, You'd just love the drift wood on this beach--there is just so much of it--sometimes we'd find little shelters people had made with the wood!


Hi Melissa, I'd say if the first ten years were a breeze with four children, then not to worry!

Dean Grey said...


Happy Anniversary to you two!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Thanks Dean!