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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lisbeth's Snowflakes, nodp

I'm excited that my niece, Lisbeth Miller, now has an Etsy shop and a new blog site!! Martha, my sister and Lisbeth's mother, has created the shop and blog to feature Lisbeth's remarkable cut out snowflakes. Lisbeth has uncontrollable epilepsy, yet she creates these intricate cut outs! My granddaughter who doesn't like anything on the computer, because she wants all my attention, just loves Lisbeth's new pink blog! I love all my snowflakes and thought it a great time to share them, and here's my self portrait with guess what?....Lisbeth's snowflake! in the background.
Today's revisited painting is: 'Very Busy Beetle with her Faithful Pet Pig'


Martha Miller said...

Whoa!!!! Great Pictures!!!! Thanks, Sue!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Susan Beauchemin said...

You're more than welcome--I'm loving her new sites!

Dean Grey said...

Go Lisbeth, go!!!

Talent clearly runs in this family!!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Just don't run with scissors!

Chris Beck said...

Very inspiring to see what amazing art your niece creates!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

You're right Chris--it really is inspiring!