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Friday, December 4, 2009

Sugar Skulls nodp

I love these colorful sugar skulls! My daughter made these and gave them to me at Thanksgiving.
My revisited painting for today is, 'Clouds'


Martha Miller said...

I love these, too! Michaela made them?? How? Soo COOOOL!!

michaela said...

one teaspoon meringue powder, one cup sugar, and one teaspoon water---mix well with hands until everything is moistened.(test sugar by squeezing a small amount of sugar in your fist, open slowly, and your fingerprints remain, sugar is ready to mold) Pack tight into whatever kind of mold you have flip over onto a piece of cardboard and lift mold off carefully. If all of the sugar mixture does not fall out of mold easily it is too wet. Air dry on the card board for 24 hours. Let me know if you want the icing recipe. It's a royal icing that works like cement used on gingerbread houses. peace

Martha Miller said...

i will HAVE to try this!!!! xox

Dean Grey said...

Mmmm, sugar skulls.

Colorful and delicious!


Susan Beauchemin said...


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