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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baking nodp

It all started with one zip lock bag of Amish cinnamon bread starter that was brought into my house! After a few days of mushing the bag you add flour sugar and milk, mush a few more days, then add to it again---save a bit to put in FOUR zip lock bags to give away with the recipe. Then there were FOUR bags--that weren't being given away!--the day came to add---I added--then to bake---I baked, but didn't save the FOUR bags each, or that would have been SIXTEEN bags of starter!!!
Now I've got to tell you, I don't like this starter because it just has so much sugar and is made with white flour, but I've gone along with it out of curiosity---I've never used a sour dough starter before.
I put all the fermenting bags in the frig and have been trying to use a cup here a cup there and then freezing half of what I make. I'm down to one bag left in the frig and two new bags that I could give away, (why did I save the two new bags!--I ask myself), but I think I'll just use up the stuff and be done with it!! Everything is coming out good though! I only put a little in each recipe--then cut back on the sugar and use whole wheat flour. This morning I made brown bread ( steamed in a bread or pudding mold), My great grandmother's coffee cake, made with real coffee and ground raisins--(who ever grinds raisins?) She did! And whole wheat bread rising. I never do this much baking--makes me feel like a real grandmother!
Today's revisited painting is, "Cotton Candy or The Fireman"


Martha Miller said...

I'm beaming myself and my cup of coffee over to your house, RIGHT NOW! (hey, what's the recipe with the ground up raisins?? which great-grandma made that???)

Martha Miller said...

p.s. your photo would make a great painting!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Great grandma Godfree's coffee cake--don't you have the recipe? It tastes a lot like crybaby cookies--moist molasses spice cake type of thing.

Dean Grey said...


This is making me hungry!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Me too!