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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finished! nodp

I"ll be sending these natal wheels out as soon as the oil paint dries. Their diameter is 14" The natal wheels below are of family and friends, one of which is on...

1. with the purple edged center

2. with a lighter blue edged center.

3. with a blue and orange edged center.

4. with a cloudy center.

I feel like giving something away--(no, not one of my paintings, and definitely not a natal wheel!) This is my way of celebrating the completion of this commission--Yay!!

I made these cards using an old Spirograph set. (Hmmm... a bit of a connection here)....Be the first to guess which one of the four is my natal wheel and I'll send you this set of 5 cards which includes envelopes. (the four wheels are numbered)--(the first three pictures are the commissioned wheels--not those)

If you happen to know me and know anything about my chart, well...I'll have to give something away again later on down the road so you can join the fun at that time--don't cry!

E-mail me with your guess and I'll announce the winner when there is one!

OK, the winner is...Kim Blair, she has a blog and paints daily, check out her beautiful flower paintings. I would guess just by the colors that she is a fire sign? Thank you Kim--your cards are on the way! I love this one!

Today's revisited painting is, 'Big Sur Beach'


Martha Miller said...

Congrats!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! and I'M the lucky owner of Big Sur Beach! xox

Martha Miller said...

LOVE. Of course i will somehow bribe you to do MINE!!!!!!! and i won't take no for an answer! you KNOW how persistant i can be! even a punch to the solar plexis will not stop my begging!!!!!

Martha Miller said...


Martha Miller said...

you WILL paint another!!!!!!!!

Susan Beauchemin said... I snivle and crawl into the corner.

Martha Miller said...

me here!

Martha Miller said...

me again!

Martha Miller said...


Martha Miller said...

ha ha! what are doing under the table with that 8 ball, anyway?

Susan Beauchemin said...

Ha, you got me!

Alejandra Dorado said...

Hola!! Felicitaciones por tus trabajos, sos una gran artista!!!
Un saludo desde Argentina!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Thank you Aledorada!

Dean Grey said...


These natal wheels turned out so nice!

They look like they were professionally manufactured. You're a machine, Susan!

I love the color combinations of the first two.

Very neat indeed!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Thank you Dean, but a machine? I am not--although, sometimes I wish I were to get a few things done!